The Riihenmäki school in Mäntsälä, Southern Finland has approximately 700 pupils.
They use their playground with jungle gyms, swings and trampolines for kids of various age. The football field is also suitable for playing basketball. It’s also a good place to have a fenced area for other games or supervising a group of kids.

Next to that they have a large area that is good for playing Finnish baseball. The area is also good for athletics training as well.

This is the pump track, where you can ride with bikes or scooters (with helmets only). During winter season (ice and snow can make the ride dangerous) this area is closed. Winter in Finland comes from december till march.

Close to the entrance there are painted areas on the ground where you can play hop-scotch for instance.

On this court there’s plenty of room for playing football. Close to the parking lot you can see a wall. That’s the only place you can throw balls (also snow balls during the winter).