Etwinning Project

Main target of the blogsite

We will be collaberating with primary schools from France, Finland, Belgium, Spain and Italy on how the schoolground looks like. We want to show to the children of those different countries that there are differences in how their schoolground looks like. Next to that, we want to use this subject as a starting point on talking about sustainable development. Do the schools use their schoolgrounds for projects on this issue? Do they have a policy on waste? Do they have animals? What kind of nature is there on the schoolground? Can children play in a nice way? Is there art on the schoolground? And how do the teachers use the playground for outdoor education? These are the questions we want to find answers to by communicating with each other and exchanging stories, pictures and movies.

Our goals

1. The children understand that they are part of a bigger society and that their school is an example on how sustainable development is expressed.
2. The children learn how to communicate with children from others countries on a specific topic.
3. The children are proud of their school and are happy to share stories about their school.
4. The children can make an analyse of different topics in the area of sustainable development.
5. The children find a language to communicate with each other. This can be by pictures, movies, language or other media.
6. The children learn how to host a blogsite and how to put stories, pictures and movies on it.

How will we do this?

We want to exchange experiences between different classes in different european countries. . We will build a blogsite where the different partners can put stories and movies. We will teach the children to do this by their own too.
Together with the partners, we will look for a monthly topic (for example: animals @ school). The children take pictures, write a story and share this on the blogsite. This way, we will have a permantent exchange of stories and pictures and the children get to see all the different ways of how a school uses the playground for different things. We would like to exchange stories on 6 different topics: waste-policy, animals, nature, play, art and outdoor education. It would also be nice to have videoconferences through the year with our partnerclasses.

Expected results

We would like to create an active blogsite that can be used for years and create enduring partnerships between the schools. The topics in a school are neverending. We would also like to use the public twinspace as a place to have communication with the partnerschools. Since the blogsite will be open source, it can grow and other schools can join too.
For the children, we would like them to think actively on how they can use their schoolground and also that they can have an impact on how it looks like.
Next to that, we want them to see that they are part of a bigger European community and that children from all over Europe have the same kind of routines. But also pointing out the differences is really interesting. A schoolground in Finland will look totally different from the one in Italy. What would they like to import from other countries on their schoolground?